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Ahuja Power Amplifier [ SPA 10000 ]

Price: Rs. 35,820
  • SPA-10000 is a multi application Super Power Booster PA Amplifier with rated output 1000 Watts, ideal for driving high power speakers as well as large PA Installations involving large number of speakers. This amplifier is designed to give high power, clean sound and reliable, trouble free operation under extreme climatic & weather conditions. Features include balanced input 200mV/1V switchable through slide switch & 100V input through two pin terminal strip. 100V Input is meant for connecting 100V output of another amplifier in long line installations. In addition resettable circuit protector, Cut/Boost Bass/Treble controls and AC/48V battery operation are provided.
  • Balanced Input 200mV/1V switchable.
  • 100V input through two pin terminal strip at the rear for connecting 100V output of another amplifier is long line installations.
  • Output jack provided for connecting to another Booster Amplifier for getting more output.
  • Cut-boost type Bass/Treble controls.
  • Box Speaker/Driver Unit selector switch. Bass boost can be defeated at Driver Unit position for safer operation of driver units.
  • Instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) if AC power fails.
  • 10 LED Bar Graph Signal Level Display.
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