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Kortek Karaoke Wired Microphone [ KHM 150 ]

Price: Rs. 8,200
  • Connects to TV with RCA input (NTSC/PAL)
  • Over 3000 songs (English, Hindi and other Regional song)
  • Up to 60 nos. Full- Length- Song Recording (through optional Recording Chip)
  • Recorded Song transfer into Computer by USB Cable
  • Easy to update new songs by Song pack (5 Slots)
  • Optional choice (Wireless sub microphone) to Sing a duet
  • Song Reservation up to 45 songs
  • Song search- Enter song numbers or sort songs by page
  • On screen Lyrics
  • Image and Video background themes
  • Real – Time – Score
  • Favorite Song selection up to (45 songs )
  • Song battle in group
  • Melody adjustment (Standard, Weak , Pro, Hard)
  • Play Mode (One song, Random, Repeat, 1st Phrase, Continue)
  • Echo, Key, Tempo, Interlude Jump, Volume Control
  • System Software updates
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