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Sennheiser Wired Microphone

E 902

The e 902 is a dynamic cardioid instrument microphone which was designed...       

Rs. 14,650

Sennheiser Wired Microphone

E 904

Full of sound – full of life. With its consistent frequency response...       

Rs. 11,290

Sennheiser Wired Microphone

E 906

A more direct sound – more directly from the amp. The e...       

Rs. 15,300

Sennheiser Wired Microphone

E 914

A brilliant all-rounder for demanding tasks. The e 914 is a condenser...       

Rs. 27,000

Sennheiser Wired Microphone

E 935

Extends Every Voice. Its balanced frequency range qualifies the e 935 for...       

Rs. 14,300

Sennheiser Wired Microphone

E 945

Presence all the way to the peaks. The e 945 renders the...       

Rs. 15,400

Audix Wired Microphone


Clear natural and accurate - for PA systems and venues of all...       

Rs. 7,500

Audix Wired Microphone


Vocal microphone designed to sound clear and full bodied on small to...       

Rs. 2,500

Shure Wired Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Beta 58A

What is the Beta 58A best suited to? The Beta 58A is...       

Rs. 16,058

Shure Wired Drum Microphone


Who is this best suited to? This would be an ideal choice...       

Rs. 32,000

Shure Vocal Wired Microphone


The unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern of the SV200 helps reduce feedback while...       

Rs. 2,442

Sennheiser Vocal Wired Microphone

E 965

The e 965 is a hand-held vocal microphone with true condenser capsule...       

Rs. 42,000

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