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Kali Audio WS-12 Powered Subwoofer

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The WS-12 is a 1000W powered subwoofer for the studio and the stage. With frequency extension down to 23 Hz and 123 dB max SPL, it provides authoritative low end in any setting.



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Power. Depth. Adaptability.

The WS-12 Subwoofer is the most powerful studio subwoofer available under $1000. It is made to be used with any near- or mid-field studio monitors, as well as with small portable PA systems in a live setting. 

One of the key design specifications for the WS-12 is that it be capable of providing bass management in a 5.1 system where all of the full-range speakers are Kali IN-8s. As such, the WS-12 is powered by a 1000W power amplifier mated to a high-excursion 12-Inch driver. 

This much power also makes the WS-12 a capable live subwoofer. Its enclosure is 18mm plywood and it has handles for easy carrying. Kali’s team made sure that it will fit in small passenger cars, so you can take it with you even when you’re calling a ride to get to your gig! 

All this power is controlled by a robust, user-friendly DSP section that let you dial in the exact settings you need for your system. Whether you’re using it with a pair of LP-6s, as bass management in a 5.1 system, or on stage with a PA, it’s easy to configure the WS-12 to get exactly what you need.  

  • 1000W - Class D Power
  • 23 Hz - Lower Frequency Response 
  • 18mm - Wooden Enclosure
  • 123 dB - Max SPL

DSP Features

Selectable Crossovers

The WS-12 has selectable crossovers every 20 Hz between 40 Hz and 140 Hz.

Gain Adjustment

6 dB steps allow easy adjustment between free space, against walls, or in corners.


Reverse the sub’s polarity for better phase response in your system.


Bypass the sub at the press of a button to listen to your mix on full-range speakers. The sub turns off, and output signal is no longer high passed when bypassed.



The WS-12 was designed as a companion subwoofer for Kali’s LP- and IN-Series Studio monitors.

When used with a pair of Kali monitors, the subwoofer’s crossover and gain settings can be configured to precisely match those of the full-range monitors. With these settings dialed in, set the subwoofer between the speakers, and turn all speakers’ volume knob either to noon or all the way up. The subwoofer’s level will be exactly where it needs to in order to match the full- range speakers.

The WS-12 can be used for bass management in systems as large as 5.1 with any Kali monitors.

Convenient settings allow the use of an external crossover, and the WS-12 can even be configured as a dedicated Low Frequency Effects channel.


The high power and deep frequency response of the WS-12 make it an excellent choice for any near- or mid-field monitors- not just those made by Kali Audio!

With selectable crossovers every 20 Hz between 40 and 140 Hz, it can be easily matched to any system. Because of the 1000W power amp, it is capable of keeping up with very powerful studio monitors without breaking a sweat.

The WS-12 can be used for bass management in systems as large as 5.1 with nearfield studio monitors, and the WS-12 can even be configured as a dedicated Low Frequency Effects channel.


The WS-12 features easy carrying handles and a rugged 18mm wooden enclosure. It is small enough to fit into most small passenger cars, making it an excellent choice for small, mobile PA systems.

One WS-12 will be sufficient for use with suitcase-style all-in-one PAs like the Yamaha® StagePAS® or Fender® Passport® or linear array all-in-ones like the Bose® L1® or LD Systems® Maui®.

Two WS-12s can be used side by side for use with larger systems. With two subwoofers side by side, total system Max SPL is now 129 dB with frequency extension down to 23 Hz.


  • Powered: - Yes
  • Amp Class: - D
  • Continuous Power: - 500W
  • Peak Power: - 1000W
  • Driver Size: - 12 Inches
  • Freq Response: (-10 dB): - 23Hz - 160 Hz
  • Freq Response: (+/-3 dB): - 30Hz - 160 Hz
  • Crossover: - Selectable; See User's Manual
  • Max SPL: - 123dB
  • Unbalanced Inputs: - Stereo RCA
  • Balanced Inputs: - Stereo TRS/XLR Combi Jack
  • Balanced Outputs: - Stereo XLR
  • XLR Pass-Through Noise: - .09 mV; 99 dB Signal-to-Noise
  • THD: - <2% (95 dB @1m w/100 Hz crossover)
  • Other Inputs/Outputs: - 1/4-Inch Footswitch Input
  • Enclosure: - 18mm Plywood
  • Height: - 19 Inches (48.3cm)
  • Depth: - 17 Inches (43.2cm)
  • Width: - 16 Inches (40.7cm)
  • Weight: - 63 Lbs (29kg)
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